Aiden's First Varsity Football Game

I get emotional just thinking about it. It causes me to well up with tears which is making this difficult to write.

I am traveling to Florida to watch my oldest son play in his first varsity football game vs IMG Academy. This moment is special to me for so many reasons. Not the least of which is that my father never got the chance to see me play football in high school.

Life is made up of milestones and seeing Aiden reach this one has filled me with pride as it is the one he has worked for on his own. It's one of the goals he has set for himself and worked hard to achieve. He has had other accomplishments, but these were the type that he was pushed to. Getting good grades, getting accepted into St. John's College High School (SJC), learning to ride a bike, learning to ride Metro on his own, etc.

His road to varsity has not been an easy one and he still has some significant challenges to overcome as he works to get playing time, a starting position and ultimately a chance to play in college. Aiden goes to St. John's College High School in Washington, DC. the school is over a 160 years old and has a rich tradition. The school also competes at the highest level of athletics in the DC metro area as a member of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC). The school not only excels at football, but also has very successful boys & girls basketball, baseball, wrestling, lacrosse and soccer programs regularly sending athletes to compete at the collegiate level.

Why is this important? Because Aiden isn't trying to play football at your average high school. He is competing with and against the best athletes the DC metro area has to offer at the high school level. Thus, making varsity as a Junior is no small feat as many other boys at his school will be Juniors playing on JV.

The season opener vs IMG Academy was a blow out. SJC dominated the game from the beginning and never looked back defeating IMG 35-2. Aiden played the entire 2nd half in mostly mop up duty and recorded a sack. At 15 years of age many of the linemen he was facing were 19 year old, 5th year seniors, most of which are on there way to play Division 1 college football.

With this first game under his belt, the hope is that he will get more playing time, keep improving and have fun.

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